Cyber security - Tips on keeping your website safe

With the recent ransomware attack on the NHS, cyber security has never been more topical. No matter how big the site you run is, any kind of hack is incredibly disruptive and worrying and can cost a ton of time and money, not to mention the stress it can cause.

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Website redesign - more than just making things pretty

A website redesign should involve much more than just implementing the latest web design trends or techniques. In fact it is a perfect opportunity to overhaul your entire online marketing strategy - its an opportunity you shouldn't let pass you by!

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Web Design & Development

We are web design and development specialists  - although we have been building web sites and web applications for over 7 years now, we still get a real buzz out of new projects.

The attention is in the detail 

We hand craft beautifully designed websites with high quality semantic code. 

We don’t use templates - we believe that your brand matters and creating solutions that are unique and tailored to your targets and goals will always produce better results and ROI. 

Website design and development

Solutions in line with your marketing plan

We build sites based on you marketing goals. That means we spend time getting to know you and your business first before designing a solution that helps you to succeed.  We don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach - every business is different and requires a different solution. 

You have control

 A website should be an on-going marketing tool that continues to reflect your business and that is why all our sites are built using a CMS ( We mainly use MODX) which means that you have full control over editing and controlling content on your site.


Whether you are a small store selling a few products, or have thousands of lines in your product range, we can help you maximise your online sales with our e-commerce solutions. We can set you up with a fully supported  secure SSL store to give your visitors peace of mind their data is being looked after. The most important part of any e-commerce site is getting paid! We can help integrate your store with the payment process of your choice! Of course, if you are not sure the best way to go, we can walk you through the entire process! 

We generally host all our sites on our bank of fast Linux Servers.  For more information on website hosting, follow the link or get in contact with us.

Why Choose Us - Our Values

friendly service

Friendly service

We pride ourselves on being approachable and easy to get along with.

Talk common sense

Talk common sense

We don’t hide behind fancy terms or try and laud our expertise over our clients - wherever possible we communicate in simple terms.

Responsive to support requests

Responsive to requests

We try and ensure our clients contact us quickly and easily. The efficiency of our support is key to our business success. We want our clients to feel confident that if there is an issue we are there to help resolve it as soon as possible.

Personal Service

Personal service

Every problem and opportunity is unique. We try and get to know what makes your business tick so we can provide the most effective solutions we can.

Competitive Service

Competitive prices

We believe that our prices are extremely competitive in comparison to similar services. We work very hard to ensure that you get the most out of every pound you spend.



We always try and give honest advice and never intentionally mislead our clients.


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