Cyber security - Tips on keeping your website safe

With the recent ransomware attack on the NHS, cyber security has never been more topical. No matter how big the site you run is, any kind of hack is incredibly disruptive and worrying and can cost a ton of time and money, not to mention the stress it can cause.

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Website redesign - more than just making things pretty

A website redesign should involve much more than just implementing the latest web design trends or techniques. In fact it is a perfect opportunity to overhaul your entire online marketing strategy - its an opportunity you shouldn't let pass you by!

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A flexible, scalable and powerful CMS, perfect for all websites and applications.


What is a CMS?

CMS stands for Content Management software. simply put a CMS is the software a website is built in to allow users to edit and manage digital content. In Essence, a CMS allows content editors to administrate content on their site, and pages, images and data. 

Not all CMS’s are built equal

We have been using MODX as our primary CMS for over 8 years now - and it has brought huge benefits to our clients, and will continue to do so. 

MODX is an open source CMS. In fact it is more than a pure CMS, it is more of a content management framework, that is flexible and powerful to build websites and applications far beyond basic sites. 

As a website user, the CMS your website is built in is crucial - being able to easily manage your content in the way that works for your website is key to having a successful well managed site. We are more than happy to talk to you about why we champion MODX as our favourite CMS. 


MODX logo

Creative freedom

One of the key features of MODX is its flexibility. Whether you are looking for a simple blog or a complicated web application, MODX provides the tools and framework to elegantly build pretty much anything, without compromise or hacking together core code. Resulting in scalable, powerful and useable solutions. 

Fast and secure

Fast websites help increase search ranking, user engagement and click through rates. MODX was architected for speed. Unlike Wordpress, it ships with a robust coaching engine which decreases database queries. MODX should be able to outperform most of its competitors for speed. 

Keeping your website secure is a vital role of any website owner. MODX takes security very seriously and has a great record of over a decade. Its sophisticated user management access means you can configure almost any access setting on your site - without the need of resource heavy plugins. 


Not all content is the same, and the way website editors use, edit and interact with their content is different. With MODX we build custom backend solutions to match the clients requirements and content. There is no, one size fits all solution. We make every element of our clients websites editable, easily and intuitively. 

Modx Editor


Having an accessible website, and an accessible content Management interface, is really important. Many organisations and companies invest a huge amount in ensuring their systems are accessible. Using MODX is a great step towards 

What about Wordpress?

Wordpress is an alternative and popular open source content management system.  We use Wordpress for a select few products where it is better suited however we favour MODX for most projects due to its flexibility and scalability.  If you have a particular project in mind that you wish to use Wordpress for, please contact us - it might be that Wordpress is the correct system for your project.  it might also be worth reading our blog post about Wordpress vs MODX.


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